Financial Solutions for Dental Professionals

Originally founded in 1961, FPC provides a comprehensive program supporting both the business and clinical sides of dental practices. This one-of-a-kind program enables dental professionals to focus on dentistry and the care of their patients, while achieving their personal production and profitability goals.

The long-term value FPC adds goes beyond just income for practices. Flexible patient financing provides the financial bridge many patients need to complete recommended treatment today. The services provided by FPC along with its business expertise and financial strength create the foundation to build a thriving dental practice with happy patients.

FPC is committed to building services that provide dental practices tools to meet today's financing & technology demands and to help maintain control and thrive in today's economy.

What others are saying:

"FPC is what I needed to take me from an average practice to the cutting edge. FPC has developed a suite of services that allows me to provide quality dentistry. I can guarantee their services will reduce the stress level in your office. As I spend quality time with my patients, the value of FPC increases knowing they are taking care of the busy work behind the scenes. I have reaped the benefits of this win/win situation."

Dr. Gilman, Illinois

“My association with FPC has greatly improved my practice and lowered my stress level. The satisfaction of being able to provide high-level dentistry to our patients, while reducing accounts receivable and gaining better cash flow has improved everyone’s morale. I highly recommend FPC.”

Dr. Mykleby, Wisconsin

“We chose the services of FPC in order to offer more flexible payment plans to our patients and increase our production. The service has been phenomenal and we truly enjoy our association with the people of First Pacific.”

Dr. Sroor, Missouri

“Implementing First Pacific services in my office six years ago has undoubtedly been the best business decision I have made during my 29 years in practice. I actually enjoy practicing dentistry again!”

Dr. Rich, Kentucky

"By using FPC as a tool, my staff and I have been able to implement several positive changes that I had honestly given up hope of ever accomplishing. The results have exceeded my expectations with an increase in production of 20% and less stress for me. Today I have more control and know more about my office than ever before. I actually enjoy practicing dentistry again.”

Dr. Webster, Ohio